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Are you a student at UNC and interested in joining the Affirmative Action Coalition? You can request to join our organization on HeelLife here! We'll send you more information after that. During the semester, we post information about our meetings on our Instagram, which is also linked here. Just show up - we're excited to have you!

If you’re a student, please send us an email to a) join a working group of students across the country writing a letter and curating a national list of demands to preserve diversity in the face of this decision, and/or b) join a group of UNC students meeting to mobilize Tar Heels and plan a fall educational summit to advocate for higher education equity in North Carolina!

Want to donate to our student organizing efforts? 100% of your contributions will help us purchase supplies for running our social media campaigns, funding diversity initiatives, fostering student collaboration, and getting Tar Heels up to DC when it matters most. Venmo us at @uncaffaxn

Have experience with higher education policy or advocacy? Want to join our advisory board? Shoot us an email at - we're excited to hear from you!

Media or other inquiries? Email us at the Gmail above, or fill out the contact form below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible! 


For more background on the case, UNC has posted a background on lawsuits here. A breakdown of the case can be found here.

An Affirmative Action Roundtable organized by the African American Policy Forum (AAPF) on the day of the decision drop, June 29, 2023, can be found here.

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