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Media Archive

Our featured articles, press-releases, op-eds, and infographics from the past - all archived here for the community to access.

Articles, September 2022 - June 2023 (Pre SCOTUS Decision)

The Daily Tar Heel - "Students start UNC for Affirmative Action"

WUNC 91.5 - "UNC-Chapel Hill students formed UNC for Affirmative Action — and it's led by Asian Americans"

AP News - "Affirmative action under threat as high court hears UNC case"

The Washington Post  - "Affirmative action ignites tension among college students, alumni"

Best Colleges - "Students for Affirmative Action Rally in Washington, D.C."

ABC News - "College students on affirmative action, race and admissions: In their own words"

Insider Higher Ed - "We will not go back. Hundreds show support for affirmative action programs as Supreme Court weighs their fate"

Carolina Connection - "UNC heads to the Supreme Court to defend Affirmative Action in admissions"

WUNC 91.5 - "Students, officials react to UNC-Chapel Hill's Supreme Court hearing"

WBUR - "Asian Americans at UNC Chapel Hill form coalition in support of affirmative action"

The Daily Tar Heel - "'UNC has a long way to go': University students react to affirmative action arguments"

Reuters - "How North Carolina students view the lawsuit threatening affirmative action"

The Daily Tar Heel - "Affirmative Action Coalition bridges student groups with Diversity at Carolina"

The Daily Tar Heel - "The Affirmative Action Coalition at UNC-Chapel Hill hosts student leader forum ahead of SCOTUS decision"

The Daily Tar Heel - "Academics and activists share the history of affirmative action ahead of SCOTUS decision"

New America - "Affirmative Action on the Chopping Block"

Bloomberg - "Race-Based Affirmative Action Is Over. Corporate Diversity Could Be Next"

ABC News - "Supreme Court affirmative action decision could impact racial equity in higher ed"

Articles, June - December 2023 (Post SCOTUS Decision)

Business Insider, "Facing a future without affirmative action, students of color say the pressure is on them to fight for diversity: 'To be going backwards in this sort of immense way is really scary'"

CNBC, "‘Students will suffer’: Harvard and UNC students, alumni react to ‘disappointing’ Supreme Court ruling rejecting affirmative action in admissions"

USA Today, "'Stand up, fight back': What's next after Supreme Court affirmative action decision"

Our Body Politics, "The Downfall of Affirmative Action: What Happens Now?"

Chapelboro 97.9 The Hill, "On Air Today: UNC Student and Member of the Affirmative Action Coalition Reyna Patel"

WEAU 13 News, "Students react to SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action, UW system says it will abide by the law"

The Washington Post, "The affirmative action ruling has already upended college applications"

ABC 11 News, "Supreme Court decision in UNC admissions case elicits strong reactions"

Reuters, "Affirmative action: Reactions to the US Supreme Court ruling"

Rolling Stone, "These Black and Asian American Affirmative Action Advocates Won’t Be Divided"

The Washington Post, "‘Invisible’: Some Asian Americans say admissions decision is no victory"

The Daily Tar Heel, "Members of the UNC community plan for a future without affirmative action"

New America, "You Are Here Because You Belong: What Affirmative Action Means to College Students"

Our Body Politic Podcast, "The Downfall of Affirmative Action: What Happens Now?"

South China Morning Post, "Asian-Americans torn over use of race in college admissions and impact of looming US Supreme Court decision"

Asian American Journalists' Association, "As affirmative action is struck down, student activists consider what comes next"

New America, "'Just Trying to Fight for Yourself': What We Still Need to Know about Affirmative Action Bans' Impact on Student Well-Being"

The Daily Tar Heel, "First class of students apply to UNC since Supreme Court ruled against affirmative action"

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