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01 | Student Statements, Post-Scotus Decision

After the Supreme Court dropped their monumental decision last Thursday, June 29, 2023 to overturn decades of race-conscious admissions policies, the UNC Affirmative Action Coalition went to work on collecting student stories, experiences, and emotions post-decision. Here are some of the statements that were sent in by students at UNC. We will continue to post and share stories as time goes on - the fight does not end here.

"I am sad about how this ruling has pitted minority groups against each other. When we all have opportunities to achieve social mobility, we can all prosper, and affirmative action is a step in the right direction. Overturning it is barring the opportunity for many Black and brown folks from equitable, deserving opportunities to achieve higher education. " - Anonymous

"It feels like we are going backward. Affirmative action has never been about unfair 'advantages' — it’s been about reparations. It’s been about expanding the American Dream. It’s been about mobilizing communities that continue to suffer from every type of oppression known to mankind. Our Supreme Court has continued to show us that an Ivy League Education is not necessarily the true mark of intelligence. Intelligence comes from experiences with different perspectives and backgrounds; intelligence is fostered by having an understanding of the world and people around you. We, as the next generation, must work to educate ourselves and become more intelligent. However, this will become more challenging if every type of background is neither highlighted nor accepted in settings of higher education. " - Vaidehi

"This decision will be detrimental to future students and generations. But the fight should continue and I’m ready to do what needs to be done to ensure a diverse group of people can continue education at UNC and other universities who may not offer affirmative action opportunities." - Anonymous

"I strongly disagree with the ruling, as I think it’s essential to maintain racial, financial, and cultural diversity at any school. In order for students to receive equal opportunity as well as grow through interactions with others, affirmative action policies need to remain in place." - Sophie Terraciano-Spence

"It is just so disappointing. UNC educates people in some of the most beautiful ways. Since coming here, I’ve learned just how interconnected everything is in our society. It is so obvious how certain racial groups have more opportunities for academic success. I don’t understand why anyone would want our higher education institutions to not reflect our country. The very metrics used in applying to college are rooted in white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism, clearly giving an advantage to white students. Leveling the playing field is the bare minimum. And it is so heartbreaking that well-deserving students will have less of a chance to follow their dreams. Racial injustice has just been given even more of a head start. Everyone deserves the right to an education, and though it looks like everyone has one on paper, some of the supposedly most intellectual people in the country should understand that’s not the case. I know the new trend in politics is just denying true lived facts and experiences, but to spread it even further into the education system is dangerous and horrifying." - Anonymous

"The ruling is so sad. A huge part of UNC’s prestige and success is because of the presence of underrepresented communities." - Macy Floyd

"Affirmative action is so important to achieving an equitable admissions process and increasing diversity on college campuses such as UNC. The SCOTUS decision has sent us so far back, and it is an immense and disappointing loss for so many people, especially communities of color, who often don’t have the same access to resources such as standardized testing prep or advanced classes that universities typically value in admissions." - Anonymous

"This decision is deeply saddening. People of color who are already at a disadvantage in terms of access to educational resources are now put at even more of a disadvantage because of this decision. They have overturned race-based admissions but have seemingly ignored the obvious advantage of something like legacy admissions which contributes to large racial disparities in admissions. Because legacy admissions benefits them and those who are white and who have status and money. Those justices who voted to overturn race-based admissions have basically decided that they don’t think people of color deserve the right to get a higher education as much as white people. They are spitting in the face of people who cannot control the circumstances they were born into and who racist institutions work to oppress everyday. My heart breaks for every person of color who hopes to get a higher education one day. We live in a diverse society, so it matters that we acknowledge and support diversity in education." - Ashlynn Cooper


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02 | Student Statements, Post-Scotus Decision

We're continuing to release student statements after the Supreme Court decision, and assess how students are feeling on UNC's campus. If you are interested in contributing, please fill out our form at


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